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Deutscher Behindertensportverband e.V.

National Paralympic Committee Germany

Tulpenweg 2-4, 50226 Frechen

Phone number: +49 2234/60000
Fax number: +49 2234 / 6000150

Deutscher Behindertensportverband e.V. (DBS) is Germany’s umbrella association for disabled sports and functions as Germany’s National Paralympic Committee. DBS is neutral in regard to party and association politics and has no ties to religious organisations. It serves to use and promote disabled sports as a means of rehabilitation and social integration. All persons with disabilities should be given an opportunity to take part in sports.

DBS has a self-governed youth organisation, Deutsche Behindertensportjugend (DBSJ), which works to enable young people with a disability to engage in team sports, develop their personalities, engage in social and psychophysical development, and engage in the community. Through (sports) events involving children and young people with and without a disability, DBSJ promotes integration and by maintaining contact with foreign organisations, awakens young people’s interest in international understanding.

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