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Jugendkulturhaus ROUTE 66

Vockestr. 11, 85540 Haar

Phone number: +49 89/4602889
Fax number: +49 89/46200950

Jugendkulturhaus is an open youth work centre that is run by the municipality of Haar and funded by the Munich district youth council.

Priority areas: Jugendkulturhaus pursues an inclusive approach, meaning that all our activities are designed and implemented with inclusion in mind.

  • Music
  • International events
  • Inclusive activities involving participants with and without a disability, with a mental illness, and/or from the immigrant community
  • Work with refugees

Target group: Children, adolescents, young adults, adults

Jugendkulturhaus staff include music teachers working with people with disabilities; they have more than 25 years’ experience working first in integrative, now in inclusive structures. We have long-standing experience with international youth exchanges with Poland, Moldova and Italy, amongst others.

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