Eike Totter

Königsplatz, 34121 Kassel


Coaching and consulting for educational providers in the field of anti-discrimination, diversity, inclusion and related areas.

As a sociologist, I maintain a “bird’s eye view”, meaning that I reach out to and bring together a wide variety of otherwise unrelated stakeholders in the educational sector, such as multipliers, policymakers, youth and social workers, researchers and also young people and adults who are, or supposedly are not, subject to social or other disadvantages. My strategic, long-term perspective helps me to shape hands-on short-term activities as well.

I work in non-formal and formal educational settings and know that the grass often appears to be greener on the other side – meaning other projects and target groups. I have extensive experience with good practices and tried-and-tested strategies from “the other side” and am able to give greater visibility to that which others consider to be a strength.

In every debate, I try to maintain a very extensive interpretation of inclusion because I am confident that inclusion has nothing to do with deficits and everything to do with unrealised opportunities. This is how successful, sustainable projects happen.

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