Wilde Rose

Intercultural youth network of the Association of German Scouts

Grünbergerstr. 22, 3590 Gießen

Phone number: 0176 / 43684814
Website: http://www.ikj.bdp.org

Wilde Rose is an intercultural network for young members of the Association of German Scouts who live away from the scouting groups in their home towns. We also reach out to children, adolescents and young adults from all cultural backgrounds who are interested in joining, regardless of their origin, life philosophy or gender orientation.

Our slogan is “Against racism – For inclusion”.

To quote from our annual programme, “Now more than ever we need to step up to the plate and take real action. We want to meet and interact with other young people from a variety of backgrounds. That is what we do, and that is what creates real communication. Our goal is to help create a peaceful and socially fair society.”

Our areas of activity: Inclusive holiday camps for children and adolescents, intercultural communication, civic and cultural education, intercultural youth exchanges (all over Europe plus the Maghreb countries and the Middle East).

We run two residences which to some extent are accessible:

  1. The youth residence “pfadiheim” in Geretsried/Bavaria with 32 beds and an extensive camping and leisure area (www.jgh-geretsried.de)
  2. "Wilde Rose Hotel - International Center for Inclusion and German-Greek Youth Exchange" in Corfu/Greece with 90 beds, a taverna and an extensive leisure area. 8 minutes from the beach, which has a wheelchair ramp into the sea (www.wilderose.gr).

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