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Youth Participation Resource Centre

Scharnhorststraße 28/29, 10115 Berlin

Phone number: +49 30/308784520

The Youth Participation Resource Centre has provided advisory services on youth participation since 2001.

We inform, advise, train and network young people and youth initiatives and implement our own model projects to promote youth participation. We also lobby policymakers and society in general for more youth engagement and participation without being affiliated with any political party or association.

We do not see ourselves as representing the interests of young people in Germany; instead, we are a service provider for youth engagement and participation that promotes engagement and provides support to young volunteers. In this field, we have extensive experience and best practices.

We are a young team (those directly involved in the project are under 27) that over the last 15 years has worked with a large number of project partners. We are members of a variety of associations, bodies and working groups. We also implement a number of projects, such as the JAM! youth council, Lebendiges Berlin or Schülerhaushalt.

The JAM! youth council consists of 20 young people who work on their own inclusion projects and campaigns; they also contribute to Aktion Mensch’s youth communication activities. The youth council is a place for exchanging opinions and ideas on inclusion and for planning and implementing micro-projects.

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