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Making international youth exchanges inclusive: Invitation to a youth BarCamp

How should an inclusive international youth exchange be structured that is open to ALL young people? What is needed? What is desirable? What options are there already for young people with an impairment? Our project VISION:INCLUSiON is inviting young people to come to Berlin on 22-24 November 2019 to share their ideas, wishes and concerns with us regarding more inclusive international youth exchanges.

Making international youth exchanges inclusive: Invitation to a youth BarCamp

All people have a right to participate in society and access education, regardless of impairments or personal circumstances. However, in reality many young people with an impairment still face a large number of challenges. The project VISION:INCLUSiON works to support organisations that want to open up their international activities to a wider target group both with and without impairments.

The BarCamp “Making international youth exchanges inclusive” is designed to give a voice to young people as experts in their own right. What do they need when it comes to inclusive international exchanges and activities? What is particularly important in practical terms? What experiences have young people made in past international projects? Did they encounter obstacles, or did things go well? How can other adolescents and young adults with and without impairments benefit from their peers’ experiences in future activities? The youth BarCamp is a place for discussing these and other issues to ensure that international youth work activities can indeed be made more inclusive.

22-24 November 2019

Berlin Ostkreuz youth hostel
Marktstraße 9-12
10317 Berlin

There is no cost to the young participants for attending the BarCamp or staying overnight at Berlin Ostkreuz youth hostel. Partial grants are available for travel expenses.

Interested young people should register by clicking on the link below. The page also contains more information on accommodation, the programme and the agenda:

The youth BarCamp is aimed at young people aged 16 to 27 who are interested in inclusive young projects or have already co-organised one themselves. The meeting is open to all interested young people from Germany or abroad.

The BarCamp language is English, with interpretation into sign language. For those who find it challenging to use either of these two languages, a special solution will be found.

BarCamps are different from classic meetings or conferences in that there is no distinction between participants and speakers. Everyone is called upon to contribute questions, ideas and positions in discussion rounds (known as “sessions”). The idea is to benefit from the active participation of all young participants so that international youth work activities can become more inclusive.

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